Stena Glovis

Established in 2019, Stena Glovis is a joint venture between two of the world’s largest shipping and logistics groups: Korea-based Hyundai Glovis and Sweden-based Stena.

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Joint venture

Two of the largest shipping and logistic groups in the world, Hyundai Glovis and Stena, have joined forces with the ambition to become Europe’s leading finished vehicle logistic provider across Deep Sea and Ferry Services.

With a combined PCTC/RoRo fleet trading in European and international waters, Stena Glovis will deliver a best in class finished vehicle logistic operation and a unique value proposition to our customers.


Valentinskamp 88
20355 Hamburg, Germany
+49 40 359 833 720


Am Wall 137/139
28195 Bremen, Germany
+49 421 3228 5600

Our mission

Stena Glovis mission is to provide exceptional value to our customers and shareholders.

Creating trust through creative competitiveness by investing in our valuable assets, our people.


Finance / HR

Accounting and financial reporting
Recruiting, onboarding and supervision of all personnel


Stow planning and supervision of loading & discharging activities in all European ports


Managing vessel capacity in close co-operation with customers and vessel owners


Managing all commercial activities and customer acquisition


Developing and execution of the company’s strategy guided by shareholders direction

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